How to Flip a Pumpkin Into a Vase

Pumpkins have so numerous employs beyond Halloween and food stuff. They can also make a great vase that can be additional the desk for Thanksgiving or just for the reason that you have a spare pumpkin that desires utilizing up.


  1. Pick a very good good quality pumpkin. The pumpkin desires to be agency, unblemished and in a position to sit very well without the need of rocking.
    • If necessary, slice the base pretty thinly to make it sit straight. If this can be averted even though, it is really greatest left on your own.
  2. Slice the prime of the pumpkin off with a sharp knife.
    Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Step 2.jpg
  3. Scoop the flesh out of the pumpkin. Use a robust spoon or a suitable pumpkin scoop to do this. The flesh can be held to make soup, and so on.
    Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Step 3.jpg
    • Leave a layer of flesh about the edge of the pumpkin. This generates a water-proof layer.
      Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Step 3Bullet1.jpg
  4. Location the pumpkin on a massive flat plate. You can increase a doily to the plate initial if wished.
    Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Step 4.jpg
  5. Pour drinking water into the pumpkin. Increase the bouquets. Try out to select bouquets with orange and yellow colours, to retain the pumpkin or squash theme likely.
    Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Step 5.jpg
  6. Location on the desk or wherever else you happen to be displaying the pumpkin vase. Rearrange the bouquets to make them excellent, if necessary.
    Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Step 6.jpg
  7. When concluded, toss the pumpkin and bouquets into the compost. There is no need for washing any awkwardly formed vase. All performed!
    Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Step 7.jpg
  8. Concluded.
    Turn a Pumpkin Into a Vase Final.jpg



  • You could also flip a melon or a squash into a vase.

EditThings You’ll Have to have

  • Pumpkin
  • Knife (sharp)
  • Powerful spoon or other gadget for scooping out the pumpkin flesh
  • Significant flat plate or platter for positioning the pumpkin vase on
  • Doily or cloth (optional)
  • Flowers, oranges and yellows are greatest

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