How to Paint a Mirror Frame

You can effortlessly give your mirror a new lease on existence merely by portray the frame! Clean the mirror frame ahead of you commence portray. Then defend the mirror from the paint possibly by taking away it, applying painter’s tape and paper, or with petroleum jelly. Opt for possibly chalk paint or spray paint to apply and make certain that the overall mirror frame is lined. When you have painted the frame, allow it dry completely and take out any protective layering that you added.


EditCleaning the Frame and Shielding the Mirror

  1. Clean the mirror frame to take out any dust. Wipe down the mirror frame with a clean up cloth ahead of you commence portray. Make certain to dust any crevices or elaborations on the frame. If the frame is pretty dusty, use a damp cloth as a substitute to make certain that all of the grime is taken off.[1]
    • If you utilized a damp cloth to clean up the frame, possibly allow it air-dry or wipe it down with a dry cloth to take out any extra drinking water.
  2. Sand the mirror frame if the old paint is chipping away. It is best to commence with a clean, sanded area so that the new paint can adequately adhere to the frame. Use a piece of sandpaper and clean down any bumps or uneven parts of the old paint to make the area experience flat.[two]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 2.jpg
    • It doesn’t subject if you take out some of the old paint in the course of action, as you will be portray more than this anyway. All that issues is that the area is clean and that the frame is clean up.
  3. Take away the mirror from the frame if it’s feasible. The best way to paint a mirror frame is to choose the mirror out ahead of you commence portray. This makes certain that the paint can’t destruction the mirror by itself. Glimpse for small screws on the back of the mirror and unscrew these applying a screwdriver. Then lift or slide the mirror out of the frame.[three]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 3.jpg
    • Only some mirrors have a detachable frame. If you cannot see any screws or an clear way to take out the frame, really do not try out to drive it as you could stop up detrimental the mirror. There are strategies to get the job done all over portray the frame if the mirror cannot be taken off.
    • If you actually want the mirror to be taken off but you cannot see how to do so by yourself, choose the mirror to a glass shop. It can be professionally taken off and refitted at the time you have accomplished portray.
  4. Use painter’s tape and paper to defend a larger sized mirror. Area items of paper more than the mirror and from the edge of the frame. If the mirror is rounded, use scissors to slice the paper to size. Then, use painter’s tape to maintain the paper in spot and to include the edges of the mirror, correct upcoming to the frame.[4]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 4.jpg
    • Newspaper or skinny cardboard is ideal to use.
  5. Use petroleum jelly to defend a small mirror. Petroleum jelly is ideal to use if the mirror that you are performing with is small and it would be far too tricky to get the job done with painter’s tape and paper in the small room. Use a cloth to spread a thick layer of petroleum jelly all over the edges of the mirror and upcoming to the frame.[5]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 5.jpg
    • The petroleum jelly can effortlessly be rubbed away at the time you have completed portray, which will also take out any paint that gets on it.

EditMaking use of the Paint and Eradicating the Protective Layers

  1. Apply chalk paint to the mirror frame for a classic-glance frame. Use a spherical paint brush to get the best protection more than the frame. Paint the overall mirror frame and make certain to adequately include any detailing or crevices. Acquire your time although applying the chalk paint to make sure that the frame is completely lined.[six]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 6.jpg
    • Chalk paint has a pretty clean end and will dry relatively swiftly. It also has no smell and it is protected to apply in spots that aren’t well-ventilated.[7]
    • A spherical brush is the best to use for chalk paint and mirror frames mainly because it assists the paint to adequately attain into all of the facts.[8]
  2. Use spray paint to include the mirror frame pretty swiftly. Make certain that you are in a well-ventilated spot ahead of you commence portray and that you follow all of the instructions on the spray paint can. Maintain the spray paint can approximately away from the mirror frame and push down on the induce to commence releasing the paint. Protect the mirror frame in the paint and make certain that just about every element of the frame has an even coating.[nine]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 7.jpg
    • It can be valuable to lay newspaper or a tarpaulin down beneath the frame ahead of you commence spray portray.
  3. Permit the mirror frame dry absolutely. Make certain that the mirror frame is in a well-ventilated spot to help it dry swiftly. A layer of chalk paint tends to choose approximately two hrs to dry completely, although a layer of spray paint will choose amongst 10 minutes and 1 hour to dry.[10]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 8.jpg
    • Always follow the advised drying time on the label of the paint that you are applying.
    • Drying moments might vary a little bit than what is advised owing to the climate. For illustration, the paint will choose lengthier to dry in a humid atmosphere.
  4. Increase a 2nd coat of paint if necessary and allow it dry completely. If the first coat of paint didn’t give the frame the protection that you ended up aiming for or if the coloration isn’t stable plenty of, apply a 2nd coat. Permit the 2nd coat dry completely for at the very least the similar amount of money of time as the first.[11]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 9.jpg
  5. Wipe away the petroleum jelly from the mirror if you utilized it. When the frame is absolutely dry, use a paper towel to take out the petroleum jelly from the mirror. If there is any petroleum jelly residue left on the mirror, use a clean up cloth and glass cleaner to wipe this away.[twelve]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 10.jpg
    • Any paint that is on the petroleum jelly on the mirror will merely be wiped away with the paper towel.
  6. Take away the painter’s tape and paper if necessary. If you utilized painter’s tape and paper to defend the mirror, this can be taken off at the time the paint is completely dry. Only peel the painter’s tape off the frame to take out the paper.[thirteen]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 11.jpg
  7. Area the mirror back into the frame if you taken off it. When the frame is dry, relaxation it facial area down on a flat area and spot the mirror back into the frame. Use a screwdriver to change any screws that you experienced to take out.[fourteen]
    Paint a Mirror Frame Step 12.jpg
    • If a experienced glass shop taken off the mirror, you will have to return to get the mirror positioned back into the frame.
  8. Finished.
    Paint a Mirror Frame Final.jpg


  • Always defend the mirror ahead of you paint the frame, or else, it really is pretty effortless for the mirror to get destroyed by the paint.

EditPoints You’ll Want

  • Clean cloth
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paper, newspaper, or skinny cardboard
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Chalk paint
  • Spherical paint brush
  • Spray paint
  • Paper towels
  • Glass cleaner

EditSources and Citations

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